Sonic Motion Workshop

Kickstart your career as a freelance composer/sound designer with our two week professional development course exploring the creative and technical space where sound design and music meet and morph. We take you through a creative audio project from start to finish including, creative briefing, motion design to picture techniques, scoping, preplanning sound, pitching, fee and contract negotiation, sound fx recording and creation, sound design to picture, client and project management, creative industry structures and working practices.

  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Location: Radium Bristol
  • Total Places Available: 4
  • Required Skill Level: NOVICE Sound to Picture, Logic


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This very practical hands-on professional development course offers a full week inhouse at Radium with an additional week following, working remotely from home.  Mentored by our team, you’ll join a 4 person working group and progress through a creative audio project from start to finish. We’ll be focusing on creative sound design, an in-demand sub discipline which incorporates skillsets from both music composition/production and traditional foley/timeline sound design, and exploring the key set of techniques needed to creatively and technically nail that particular aspect of the wider world of sound to picture. We’ll show you creative tips, tricks and techniques tailored for your current individual stage of development, and help you map out the next steps in your own personal evolution. You’ll learn how to navigate industry pitfalls and opportunities, and finish with a Radium produced commercial sound library, hands on experience of creating your own sound assets, a licensed visual asset which, with our help, you’ll have sound designed into a showreel piece for approaching new clients. The Radium team will also select one final showreel piece from all participants to feature in our quarterly UK media sector outreach.


  • Learn key creative & technical building blocks for hybrid sound/music motion design
  • Learn how to handle an initial client briefing and negotiate terms
  • Gain an understanding of creative sector clients and their creative & commercial priorities
  • Learn to pre-plan and resource your sound design project
  • Learn pro tips and tricks for project and client management
  • Individual creative and commercial mentoring from the Radium team
  • Learn how best to approach creating from scratch project sound assets when needed
  • Receive a 4GB+ Radium created Motion sound library fully licenced for commercial use
  • Receive a visual asset licensed for showreel usage
  • Complete your sound design to picture showreel piece for sending out to potential clients
  • Behind the scenes video & photo self promotion pack for your social media/website
  • Certificate of Completion


You’ll need to be at least NOVICE level sound to picture competency in Logic to book this course. Some familiarity with Pro Tools is helpful, but not essential.
Find out more about required skill levels HERE


Perhaps you’re at the very beginning of your pro music/sound career.  Maybe you’ve just finished a sound design or music composition course at University or College, and you’d like professional mentoring in hands on creative audio and working as a freelance composer/sound designer.  Perhaps you’ve independently developed your creative sound and music skills and you’d like help with a roadmap for applying these creatively and commercially working with clients.  Possibly you’ve just finished studying music composition, you’re competent at tracklaying audio,  and you’d like to turn those skills in a sound design direction.  Maybe you’ve dabbled in sound design, and you’re trying to decide if it’s the right career path for you. Possibly you’re considering studying sound or music at University, and want to make an informed decision whether it’s the right subject to pick. If you are thinking about study or a career in audio creative, just getting started as a freelance composer/sound designer, or would like to get started in music and sound for media but not sure what to do next, this workshop is for you!


Right now we’re offering the following dates at Radium Bristol:

  • Commencing Monday 16 March 2020 1 week fulltime inhouse / 1 week working remotely
  • Commencing Monday 11 May 2020 1 week fulltime inhouse / 1 week working remotely
  • Commencing Monday 3 August 2020 1 week fulltime inhouse / 1 week working remotely


Book your preferred start date and pay right here to reserve your place. We ask you to submit your details and create an account, so we know who we’re licensing the sonic and visual assets to, and how to get in touch with you about your Workshop booking.  We’ll be in touch by email with directions, details, and any pre-course materials we recommend you to review. Please be sure to whitelist these two email addresses to minimize the possibility that our emails will go into your spam, junk, or bin folders.


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Designing Sonic Motion at Radium